About Charlotte

I'm a Dog Wellbeing Consultant with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln and over seven years experience handling dogs, supporting their behaviour and training needs. I specialise in growing harmonious relationships between dogs and their caregivers while prioritizing their physical and emotional welfare.

I assess the needs of my clients and their dogs and form treatment plans grounded in ethical, science-based behaviour management and training strategies. I collaborate with veterinarians and coach clients individually to achieve their goals for a happy and healthy relationship with their dogs. I also work with local businesses, offering guidance on dog welfare, behaviour, and training.

I am currently taking on new clients in Derby (Midlands) and surrounding areas, offering 1:1 in person dog training and behaviour support.

Supporting dogs and their people since 2016

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My services cover Behaviour, Training and Welfare in the following areas:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Advice and Consultancy
  • Staff training and CPD talks

Walk, Talk & Train

Social group dog walks with your dog

  • Eager to meet other dog owners and build friendships?
  • Want social interactions for your dog, but unsure how to manage them?
  • Seeking professional guidance on behaviour, training, and well-being?

Walk, Talk & Train Sessions are designed for you to be able to bring your dog along on a supervised group walk and make new friends in a safe supportive setting with the opportunity to pick up training tips and general behaviour advice from a qualified professional along the way.

All sessions are led and supervised by Charlotte Snape: a Dog Wellbeing Consultant with over seven years of experience handling dogs and supporting their behaviour and training needs. I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour and am proud to be an Accredited Dog Trainer with the Professional Association of Canine Trainers, as well as a Candidate Member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians.


Location: Newton Solney (Wednesdays).

Time: 6:15 - 7:15pm

Location: Hartshorne (First Sunday every month).

Time: 12:30 - 2:00pm

Price: Special price May and June 2024! - £11 per dog per walk (usual price £17)

Sounds great! How do I join?

Before attending any Walk, Talk & Train sessions you must you must first please register you and your dog. Once you are on the session registration list, you will receive weekly email reminders on a Friday for sessions being held the following week. Sessions are currently run on Wednesday 6:15-7:15pm in Newton Solney and the first Sunday of every month 12:30-2pm in Hartshorne. Sessions require a minimum of two attendees to go ahead and are limited to five dogs.

Registration Form

Friendly faces I've worked with

  • Izzy, didn’t want to have to give up her toys.
    “I know my mum loves me because she buys me loads of toys. But when she tried to take them off me to tidy up I’d often snap at her. Charlotte taught mum a game we could play where mum asks me to drop my toy and then we play some more. Now I like giving mum my toys because I know she’s not trying to steal them.”

  • Alan, couldn’t cope with boredom
    “When we used to go out together as a family, I’d get bored if everyone sat down. I tried to entertain myself by chewing things, nipping at mum and dad to get their attention and singing. Charlotte showed my mum how to encourage me to settle and now I can relax myself if mum and dad are busy.”

  • Harvey, liked to get to places fast!
    “I love it when my mum takes me on walks but she doesn’t walk as fast as I like to. I tried to get her to walk faster by pulling but didn’t realise it sometimes hurt her. Charlotte showed us how to make walks enjoyable for both of us. Now I like walking at mum’s speed and I think mum had a great time learning too!”

Dogs names and faces have been changed to protect their feelings

Professional memberships

  • PACT
  • FABC
  • We're insured with Petplan Sanctuary

Charlotte Snape is an accredited PACT-KSA and ABTC registered dog trainer and a candidate member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC).